Every month we have learning goals set for our students and the things that we would like for them to learn and accomplish in the different subject areas and to practice at home. This page will help you to stay up to date on the things we are working on in the classroom.

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Procedures and Routines:

The first 1st week of school will be spent focusing on the classroom routines and procedures. We will spend lots of time learning how to be students and learning what the expectations are for the students in every aspect of their school day. They will learn how and where to sit at the tables and on rugs and what the expectations are from them in every area and activity in our classroom. The time that we spending focusing on this will make for a smoother running school year and less confusion about what is expected of the students throughout their day.


We will be completing assessments in reading and math to see where each and every student is to start the year and begin to track their progress towards the skills need to master in Kindergarten. This process is done one on one.

Once we have established routines and finished our assessments we will begin to focus on some of these things:


Language Arts:



Social Studies:

How you can help at home: Encourage your little one to do his/her best work.